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As an authorpreneur, you make all the decisions when it comes to your your author business, so it's time to decide ... Do you want to create a profitable long-term career as a successful indie author or become one of the 99% who struggle to make book sales and see less than $1,000 per year in revenue. 

​Okay, so BOOM! 

I already know the deal 

  • You've spent late nights, early mornings, and lunch breaks pounding the keyboard to write that manuscript.


    You know you've got a powerful voice that the world needs to hear, and you're ready to create your legacy.


    You dream about being a successful author, with widespread readership and a book that will turn readers into lifelong advocates.


    You want to be the boss of your book, with complete control and profits in your pocket, so you know self-publishing is the move.


    You're serious about your craft and your future as an author, so you won't just settle for anything; you need a high-quality book that will make you look as good as you know you are.

So then, what's the problem? 

Self-publishing is ... a lot!

You want to be empowered and learn how to do this right, but there's a million moving parts to the self-publishing process, and putting them all together just seems overwhelming.


You've read umpteen blogs, watched 50'leven Youtube videos, and asked every author and their mama for info, and you're still confused. Every time you turn around there's something else you didn't know. 


You don't know who to trust. It seems like everyone says something different about the "right" way to do this. And you know that some of these people don't know what they're talking about.


You've heard horror stories about indie authors getting taken by so-called self-publishing companies and industry professionals who turn out to be nothing more than Scamela Anderson and her shady friends. And you don't have time to be wasting money on wannabes and scammers.


You know you need to do some kind of marketing so you can actually sell the book, but you have no idea what to do, and the thought of putting yourself out there is simply terrifying.



I get it! But you can be a successful self-published author

Can you see yourself? 


    You're the boss of your book as a true self-published author, with complete control over the creative process and everything that pertains to your book, including the printing, distribution, and most importantly, the money.


    You have an established author brand and a thriving online platform with loyal readers who know, like, and trust you enough to buy and refer your books to others repeatedly. They sell your books for you through word of mouth and undying advocacy.  


    You know self-publishing in and out, with a streamlined process you can put on repeat for book after book. You're an expert, so you can see straight through the bullshit when the scammers and the wannabes cross your path.


    You have book reviews rolling in even before your book launch and well after, further increasing your visibility and readership with undeniable social proof. You don't have to beg for reviews or solicit them from family and friends; they come to you easily with a passive approach that works!


    You have a beautifully crafted, high-quality self-published book that impeccably represents you, your brand, and your craft. You hold your head high because your  book can compete with traditionally published books and win!


    Your book is actually selling! You have consistent book sales and supplemental monthly income, which puts you in a better position to write and publish more books and even expand your brand to include other products and services.

You're ready to publish your power with a high-quality book and a proven strategy for consistent sales ...

​But you have questions about self-publishing the right way ...

  • Who can I trust when it comes to self-publishing?

    "So many people claim to have all the answers for how to self-publish the right way, but how do I know who's legit and who's out here pretending or just scamming? I don't have money to waste. How do I know who to trust and who to avoid?"

  • What if I'm just not good at book marketing.

    "Yeah, I know I need to market the book if I want to actually sell it, but I'm an introvert, and the mere idea of putting  myself out there is scary as hell. When it comes to marketing, either you've got it or you don't, and I'm afraid I just don't." 

  • ​What if no one buys my book?

    "It's cool to have a high-quality book and all, but how do I get people to actually buy it? Even with great reviews, consistent sales is a challenge. What am I doing wrong?"

  • How do I navigate all those complicated self-publishing sites?

    "I want to go wide and make my book available for sale wherever readers are buying, but I don't know how to do that. What platforms do I use, and how do I navigate those complicated sites and their document requirements?" 

  • I don't have an author platform and I don't know how to build one.

    "I know social media is a must when it comes to building an online platform, but I don't know what I'm doing. How do I find my target audience and build a platform when no one seems to even notice my posts?" 

Don't worry about all that. I got you!

What's up, Indie Friends! I'm Monique, and I've experienced all these feelings as a new self-published author and more. But after successfully self-publishing 5 of my own books that sold over 50,000 copies and helping over 100 indie authors publish and sell their books, I've perfected the process.


But I've had my ear to the streets, and I know you want a no-BS, easy-to-understand, streamlined self-publishing process from someone you can trust. That's why I created

Manuscript 2 Masterpiece!

It's a no-nonsense, 9-month group coaching program that includes two robust courses to empower you as a true self-publisher and take you from raw manuscript to a high-quality book, with a thriving online platform and consistent sales.


Manuscript 2 Masterpiece includes ...



Everything you need to be a successful self-published author


    Learn step-by-step everything you need to know about the self-publishing industry and how to publish a high-quality book.



    Monique breaks down each step in simple terms that are straight to the point and easy to understand with pre-recorded video lectures.


    Ask all your questions and get all the answers each week during live group coaching sessions with Monique and the rest of the MTM community. 


    Establish a bestseller brand, build a thriving online platform, get reviews, and sell books with a strategic marketing and book launch plan.


    Look over Monique's shoulder as she navigates the various platforms and websites required to complete the publishing process.


    Submit your work at each step, like your back cover synopsis, book cover, marketing efforts, etc., for a detailed critique by Monique.


    Complete the PDF fillable workbooks for each module for more hands on learning and important notes.


    Downloadable documents and templates will give you real-life examples and aid you in your self-publishing journey.



    Join forces with indie authors who are taking this journey with you. Brainstorm on ideas, get community feedback and support, and strengthen your author network. 

I have so much respect for Monique, and her expertise is impeccable. If it wasn’t for Monique, my book would still be in the form of a rough draft. She brought my book to life. And for that, I am truly grateful.




I can't say enough about my experience with Monique Mensah, but one thing is for sure—she knows her stuff! Monique is the secret weapon to a successful and professional self-published book. 



Monique supported me in every area needed for my book from edit to publish. Her tips on the author game helped me sell 60 pre-orders and a total of 118 books the first month of my book release! 




Life Before 

Manuscript 2 Masterpiece

Don't get stuck dreaming about being the next big author, while others are out there being the next big author ...



    You have a manuscript that you want to publish, but you're looking for the answers in all the wrong places. You're reading every blog post and watching every Youtube video you can get your eyeballs on and you're still confused about all the conflicting information. Will you ever get this done?


    You've heard of all the scammers and wannabes out here doing bad business, not to mention the poorly crafted books. You can't go out like that. But if you don't know anything about the process, how can you protect yourself and your pockets? You need to educate yourself so you can know the real deal, but how and who can you trust?


    You're watching just about every author boast about being an Amazon bestseller, and you want next, but you have no clue about how to build an online platform and consistently sell books, and you're wondering if you ever will.

Life after

Manuscript 2 Masterpiece

Life is always sweeter when you're following your passion and sharing your powerful voice with the world.



    You're a self-publishing expert, with a valuable skill and a high-powered team you can use on repeat to publish book after book and foster a successful career as an indie author. 



    You have a high-quality book that looks just as good as some of your favorite traditionally published books, positioning you for brand expansion, like speaking engagements, course creation, product sales,  and more. 



    You're comfortable selling because you have an established brand and a proven marketing strategy that keeps the book sales coming consistently. You were made for this!

Check Out the Course Curriculum

Manuscript 2 Masterpiece includes two robust courses to teach you everything you need to know to successfully self-publish and market your high-quality book

*The course modules are tentative and subject to change

  • MODULE 1:

    Get Your Mind Right

    Condition yourself for the self-publishing journey with the proper mindset and expectations

  • MODULE 2:

    The Nitty-Gritty

    Learn the basics. Knowing the true definition of self-publishing (and what’s not self-publishing) sets the foundation for your success. 

  • MODULE 3:

    Before the Book

    Outlining and gathering the necessary prep work required before starting the self-publishing process.

  • MODULE 4: 

    Mind Your Business

    How to protect your rights and properly set yourself up as a self-publishing professional.

  • MODULE 5:

    All About Editing

    How to prepare for and navigate the editing process, find the right editor, and what to expect.

  • MODULE 6:

    Cover Design

    How to craft a high-quality, genre-appropriate book cover, find a designer, gather the required specs and files, and navigate the process.

  • MODULE 7:

    Interior Design

    What to look for, what not to do, how to find a quality designer, gather the required files and specs, and navigate the process.

  • MODULE 8: 

    eBook Conversion

    Covering the eBook conversion options, required files, and how to execute with or without a designer.

  • MODULE 9: 

    Prepare for Publishing

    Covering everything you need to know before you click "Publish," including pricing and metadata.

  • MODULE 10:

    Printing & Distribution

    How to order prints, set up POD accounts, and publish your high-quality book.

  • MODULE 1: 

    Marketing Mindset

    Conditioning yourself for the book marketing process. Setting proper expectations and preparing for what's next.

  • MODULE 2:
    Bestseller Branding

    How to build a solid and authentic  author brand, create brand authority, and attract your target reader.

  • MODULE 3:

    Target Practice

    How to identify and find your target reader and get them to see your book as a valuable benefit.

  • MODULE 4:
    Your Author Website

    How to build your author website and landing page. What elements to include, and how to use it for branding, sales, and promotions.

  • MODULE 5:

    The Insta Author

    How to build a marketable Instagram page,  create valuable content, and convert your followers into buyers.

  • MODULE 6:

    Email Marketing

    How to build your email list and maintain a relationship with your target readers though email marketing.

  • MODULE 7:

    Pre-Launch Campaign

    Building your pre-launch strategy to increase visibility and anticipation so you'll have ready-to-buy readers. 

  • MODULE 8:

    Amazon Reviews

    How to get Amazon reviews before your book even drops and keep them coming well after.

  • MODULE 9:

    Launch Sequence

    Build and execute a successful book launch and set yourself up for consistent book sales. 

  • Module 10:

    Expand Your Brand

    How to leverage your author brand to create  supplemental products and services for your target readers



Follow Monique's step-by-step blueprint to grow your Instagram following from 0 to 1,000 in just 30 days with targeted readers who will buy your book.  

Don't worry, I'm not gonna leave you hanging during the self-publishing process!

You'll get real, high-touch support and feedback directly from Monique and a highly supportive, carefully curated community of Indie Friends.


Manuscript 2 Masterpiece includes ...

  • Weekly group Q&A coaching sessions via Zoom video conference

  • Weekly pre-recorded video critiques on your work every step of the way.

  • Real-time feedback, encouragement, and brainstorming with like-minded indie authors in our private community.

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Exclusive Private Training 

Learn my 4-part, must-do framework for building a Bestseller Brand and getting consistent book sales

The Indie Streets are Talking ...

I've helped over 100 indie authors successfully self-publish and launch their books. Here's what some of them have to say. 

Choosing Monique was one of the best decisions I've made as a new author. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and very detailed oriented. I was very impressed and put at ease throughout the entire publishing process. She is truly gifted in her craft. I highly recommend her.

Melanie Smiles

My experience with Ms. Monique D. Mensah has been a pleasure. I value the knowledge and experience she gives during the publishing process. I learned a lot from Ms. Mensah and I highly recommend any new or experienced author to work with her!

LaToya Barbee

You heard the saying, "Build it, and they will come." Well, I wrote my novel and Monique came and truly turned my manuscript into a masterpiece. She guided me through the entire process and had the courage to tell me parts that didn't make sense. It was a thorough process but enjoyable. If anyone is thinking about publishing a book, but is unsure of the process, this is a no-brainer! Thanks again, Monique!  You are truly the best!

Brandon Bradley


Working with Monique was an experience that I'll definitely do again, and again, and just maybe again after that! Professional, Detailed, and Solid. Monique knows what she's doing, and she educates you throughout the process all while ensuring that the final product is quality. She truly turns your book into a masterpiece.

Jacari Harris



This is strictly a digital program, so you can access it from anywhere at any time through our private course portal. There are no in-person meetings, no travel is required, and the classes are recorded, so there's no need to log in live at any specific time. Work on your own schedule, from any laptop, tablet, or from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an internet connection! 


Your time to become the successful author you've been

dreaming of is now!

There has never been a better time to start. The longer you put this off, the longer your aspirations become a dream deferred. Waiting, procrastination, or "analysis paralysis" is often based in fear. And fear can stifle you into a failure to launch. But when your faith is greater than your fear, you are unstoppable. Do you believe you can be the successful author you always dreamed about? If your answer is yes, then your next step is to start. Your time is now!


Starting now means: 

  • a beautifully crafted, high-quality book in just a few months

  • clarity about the complicated and overwhelming self-publishing process 

  • possessing a skill you can put on repeat for yourself or to assist other authors

  • having brand authority, readership, and a thriving career as an indie author

And waiting means you'll be stuck in the same spot you're in now, months or even years later,

wishing you had started today.

Manuscript 2 Masterpiece ain't for everybody!

How do you know if you're a good fit for the program?

This program is for you if ...

  • You have a complete manuscript or it will be complete within the  next few months.

  • You believe having a high-quality book is essential to your success as an author

  • You want complete control and ownership over your book and you're ready to learn about what that means

  • You're ready to commit and put in the time and consistent effort to ensure your success

  • Your goal is to get your book into readers' hands, not to make a quick buck

  • You're serious about your craft and you want longevity and a successful career as an indie author

  • You understand that self-publishing and marketing a high-quality book requires an investment and working with qualified industry professionals, not DIY. 

This program is not for you if ...

  • You haven't started your manuscript and you're looking for help to write it

  • You don't believe a high-quality book is essential to your success as an author

  • You want someone else to complete the self-publishing process for you

  • You're looking for a quick fix and you're not interested in committing time and effort to this process

  • Your main goal for self-publishing is to make a quick buck

  • You're not that into the whole author thing. It just seems cool to try for right now

  • You're looking for the cheapest and/or fastest way to self-publish. You're not interested in investing into the process, and you're willing to DIY the entire project

With Manuscript 2 Masterpiece,

I promise ... 

to give you all the tools you need to set you up for success. You will complete this program with a beautiful book that you can be proud of and a solid strategy for consistent sales.

But you must promise me ...

you'll commit to the process and put forth a consistent, earnest effort to ensure your own success. 

When it comes to self-publishing, you've got a few choices ...

You can continue to piecemeal the free, conflicting info you're getting from the blogs, word-of-mouth, and Youtube videos, hoping to one day make enough of it stick so you can at least throw something together and pray that it sells


Or ...

You can risk it all by paying some shady so-called self-publishing company thousands of dollars, only to have them steal your publishing rights, produce a sub-par quality book, and leave you hanging to dry


Or ...

You can transform into the successful author you've been dreaming of becoming and join a new wave of indie authors who are taking over the game with high-quality books that can compete directly with traditionally published books and win! 


If you're ready to stop tip-toeing around the self-publishing process and take charge of your authorpreneurship, then Manuscript 2 Masterpiece is everything you've been waiting for. I'll see you inside!


Stop trippin'; you can be a successful

self-published author, even if you think you can't!

  • I'm nervous about making the investment for Manuscript 2 Masterpiece.

    I'm not going to lie, self-publishing a high-quality book does require an investment, but honestly, if you want to be successful and have some longevity in this game, you can't afford not to. You'll spend way more in wasted time and lost sales as you try to figure this thing out on your own. Poorly crafted books and a lack of strategic branding and marketing means no book sales. How much will it cost you to have to do it all over again when it doesn't work out the first time? How much will it cost you to harbor an unrealized dream of becoming a successful author? And how much is it worth to you to have a skill you can put on repeat to publish book after book over the years to expand your brand and increase your income?

  • I don't have time for Manuscript 2 Masterpiece; I need a book like yesterday!

    Self-publishing a high-quality book is a process that you can't rush--not if you want to get this right. Ideally, you can publish your book in 90 days, but bumps in the road are common and minor delays should not come as a surprise. I've found that you get the best outcome when you take your time and do it right. Besides, you also need time to build a platform and do pre-launch marketing. What good is a done-right-now book if it doesn't sell? There are programs out there that will promise you a self-published book in 30 days or less. The problem is, most of the time, they look like it. And books that look self-published don't sell. So what's more important to you, your success or meeting an arbitrary deadline you made for yourself?

  • What if Manuscript 2 Masterpiece doesn't work for me?

    The process works; that's already been proven with my own books that have sold over 50,000 copies and the other 100 authors I've assisted so far. The question is will you work? I can't force you to stay consistent and put in the required effort to ensure your success. That's up to you. If you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen, and I'll be right there with you to guide you and cheer you on along the way. If you're ready, so am I. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you ready?

My experience was nothing short of inspirational. I learned everything about the self-publishing process thanks to Monique. Her expertise gave me the insight I needed to become a better author and also be as self-sufficient as I can with my self-publishing.

B. Reads


My experience was great! I had a vision for my book; however, Monique turned helped to turn my vision into a masterpiece. I am happy with the final product.

Kea Simone


I had a great feeling about Monique from the very beginning! I was very pleased with her dedication, professionalism, and passion for assisting me in producing a quality book! She said my book was her first pun/joke book, but it felt like she had been doing them for years! My next book will be in her hands. Thank you so much!

Tim "Smitty" Smith



How much time do I have to commit each week?

Will you make me an Amazon Bestseller?

What's the difference between this program and the done-for-you service you offer?

When does the course begin and end?

The inaugural start date for Manuscript to Masterpiece is January 25, 2021, the two year anniversary of my company, Make Your Mark Publishing Solutions. This is a nine-month course, so the program will end on October 25, 2021.

Why is the program 9 months? Will it take that long for me to publish my book?

Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

Will this course help me write my manuscript?

Are there any other associated costs besides the cost of the program?

Will I get support, community, or one-on-one access to you? 

Can I get a refund if I no longer want to participate in the program?

Monique D. Mensah

I started Make Your Publishing Solutions back in 2013. I was a part-time freelance editor, and one of my clients asked me to "do for him what I had done for myself with my five books." I thought about it--I had the process down pact, I had a highly-qualified team of industry experts, and I knew how to sell books! So ... Make Your Mark was born! 


After a company-wide layoff from my eleven-year career in the mortgage industry, I decided to take Make Your Mark full-time in 2019. Since then, I have helped over 100 indie authors self-publish and sell high-quality books. This is more than my passion; this is my purpose. I am here to uplift, empower, and propel the indie author community to new heights because we work hard and our voices deserve to be heard. And I want you to join me for this movement. Together, we can turn the self-publishing industry on its head. I'm ready to do this! Are you?  


Monique is on point. She knows what she's talking about. She knows what needs to happen through the book publication process and knows how to execute it. She will pull you up to her level, even if you think you know what you're doing.

Talia Clay


For any further questions or concerns, please fell free to contact us



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I present testimonials and insights about other people's experiences with my program for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same of similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible. 

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